Exeter Area GFWC

EAGFWC Press Release

Trevor Robbins from Epping-Winner of the Rack Card project at the Seacoast School of Technology. Sharon Farrington and Pam Sakowski presented him with a gift card.

The Exeter Area GFWC donated $2000 toward the purchase of new band uniforms for the Exeter Area High School Band.  Club member Kelly Geis is shown with band director Tim Miles, and students Josh P., Jill P and Alexa A.

Kingston Junior Girl Scout Troop 10683 joined the Conservation Commission to plant two prairee fire crab apple trees on the grounds of the Community Library.  The pink flowering trees will add beauty and color, and will attract butterflies as well as wintering bird species. 
The trees were purchased in part with a grant from the Exeter Area Greater Federation of Women's Clubs.

Club members work on beautifying a spot

     Decorating the Swasey Pavilion
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